ABC songs volume 1 video collection learning tasks:

This is original new ABC songs videos for the XXI century to help parents and other educators have easy quality time with young children at home or nursery school setting.

What are specific things to learn with Volume 1 ten videos collection?

1. Follow the tune of Mozart ABC song variation

2. Practice ABCs, letter A and B, and letters A and B dictionary

3. Sing along new letter B song, The ABC song or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as all three songs share the melody, print out lyrics and sheet music at full size journal publication (not optimised for mobile browser, web site for desktop, about 40kb each page weight) , where you will also find free on-screen piano play tutorial video, software piano download and will learn how to record and publish your song with us

4. Learn colors on screen, such as red, rose and green

5. Learn easy shapes, such as square, hexagon and star

6. 123 count objects and object sides', 1-to-9 license options and references and 1-to-7 things to learn list

7. play along with right hand easy piano melodies of ABC song by Mozart (video 2) or Robert Schumann Scenes from Childhood (video 10)

Original ABC song lyrics:

Now I know my ABCs
next time won't you sing with me?

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